Discover Mauritius: a charming island nestled in the heart of the Indian Ocean.

Long considered as a charming island and today redefined as the Indian capital of exoticism, Mauritius is a fabulous destination for anyone craving a change of scenery and luxury. Renting a beach villa in this beautiful country offers an array of advantages rarely offered in other destinations as Mauritius has become synonymous with villa-rentals.

Beach villas, along with nearby shops

Mauritius, the “rainbow” island, is considered as one of the best destinations for anyone looking for a trip that blends discovery, change of scenery and exoticism. Renting a villa in Mauritius is an excellent alternative because it offers a variety of advantages as it gives you more flexibility than in a hotel. You will be introduced to a wide range of water activities such as big game fishing, stand up paddle, surfing or scuba diving, electro bike or catamaran cruises all designed to ensure the guest satisfaction. These are a few of the perks you will get to experience should you decide to choose a beach villa for your holiday. It is advisable to book a minimum of 6 months in advance if you want to secure the villa of your choice.

The services offered in these villas rival high-standard hotels on the island. Moreover, clients will have the privilege of enjoying the heartfelt welcome that has made the reputation of Mauritians. In addition to direct beach access, the villas are ideally located along the coast line that shelter local markets. Tourists will be able to shop with ease while bonding with the locals and getting the opportunity to purchase souvenirs that capture their fabulous stay in Mauritius.

Highly comfortable, fully equipped villas

Whether you are looking for accommodation for you and your family, for a couple’s getaway or for a vacation with friends, Mauritius has a wide selection of villas to satisfy your every need. Villas accommodating between 8 and 10 people are available. As for comfort, it is entirely up to you to choose from a wide range of villas, from the simplest to the most luxurious, depending on your budget of course. Apart from the charming look of the villa that spurs your desire to stay, your well-being is also guaranteed.

For the lovebirds that choose this paradise island as their honeymoon destination, we propose romantic villas to offer the perfect stay. These are tailor-made services as the aim is to ensure that guests leave with great souvenirs. Renting a villa in Mauritius is ideally suited for all budgets, the price per night ranges between 63 and 1,900 euros and varies based on the time of year and desired level of luxury.

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