Activities proposed

Mauritius is a beautiful island, where you can discover a range of activities that will leave you with unforgettable memories. Below are some activities not to be missed.


The open sea, what say freedom !

There are several options you can consider :

Rent a boat for the day with a skipper to sail you to magic places in the North like Bernache Island, Gunner’s Coin and its neighbouring islands, or even more impressive Le Morne down South. For the more sportif, a fishing party to one of the islands is essential or even lunch on one of the islands or just admire the sunset on board a Catamaran or speed boat with refreshments of your choice. Or what about swimming with the Dolphins?

If you prefer lone sports, I suggest you rent a Stand Up paddle or kayak to discover the coral seas. Delivery at the villa 7/24.


The Park is set in a domain of 4,500 hectares on the West coast. It is home to a wide variety of species and heart throbbing activities. Come and discover the pristine beauty of our Nature reserve with family and friends.

There is a large panel of activities like the Segway Safari trip; Safari bus trip or Quad; Avalanche Mine Adventure; Big Cats Viewing & Walk with the Lions; Biking adventure; Cross the Hanging bridge; Kids Playground and Petting Farm and also fishing in a pond for the little ones.

So many activities in this fauna and flora to fill a whole day ; you will discover all sorts of animal species in this natural and enchanting environment.

It is recommended to wear sports shoes and to bring your sunscreen product.



Mauritius possesses many cultures, beliefs and values which are precious to the well being of this nation. She also has an abundance of treasures to share for little if you wish to take the time. It is not only about the beaches but there are a number of art galleries around the island. You are invited to discover on the North coast some of our artists, one of which is the well known Vaco, a specialist in the art of painting Mauritius in a multitude of colours. The Gallery Helene de Senneville, is where a great number of Mauritian artists expose their works and where you can find the paintings of the famous Malcolm de Chazal, as well as landscapes by artist Jocelyn Thomas set in bright colours, and many others. The Gallery of Moulin Cassé should not be missed as it is situated in an old colonial sugar cane mill in a big tropical family property where the ceiling is unique and famous for its dome made up of thousands of inverted clay pots . There you will marvel at the wonderful photos of Diane Henry.

Situated in a heritage building in the capital of Port Louis, you will discover the great names of the contemporary art of the region and especially the renowned artist Salim Currimjee. If you are on the West coast, it is worth spending some time at Ruisseau Créole and visit the Gallery 3A where sculptures, photos and paintings offer a great diversity of our contemporary art. On the South coast please stop at the exhibition by Rirette Faron to admire her paintings which reflect the soul of the Mauritians.


Once lusted after as much as gold…. Sugar has enjoyed an extraordinary existence.

Leaving a profound impression on the identity of Mauritius.

One of the Island most impressive attration is L’Aventure du Sucre (Sugar World) situated on the North of the Island near the famous Pamplemousse Garden.




I can also propose you discover Mauritius to the pleasant rhythm of the electro-bike.

Far from touristic routes, the rides are extremely interesting and you will be accompanied by an experienced guide who will explain Mauritius as it was in the past.

You will enjoy a pause to taste their culinary specialties because it is more than just an outing! It is an authentic experience!


Indulge yourself in a meal at La Demeure de Saint Antoine.

Visit the “Château de Labourdonnais” museum and why not have lunch in the big garden surrounded by trees.

Sample our famous Mauritian Tea on the veranda of this imposing plantation house in Bois Chéri.

Why not relish our Mauritian rum in the gardens of Endemika in Mon Loisir Rouillard situated in the North, or on Chamarel mountain on the South-West with an incredible view of Le Morne next to the sea?

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